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Upto 5-KW

Small Wind Turbines

We’ve provided very comprehensive Wind energy products, including complete systems, wind power generators, controller and inverter. Our experience means that we will execute our services as efficiently as humanly possible. And lastly, we believe in innovation and creativity, finding new ways to serve our customers better.

Our Small Wind Turbine is the most technically advanced small wind turbines. it comes from the worlds leading manufacturers and is backed by 5 years warranty.

Wind-Solar Hybrid System:

This hybrid system provides more consistent year-round renewable energy production. These systems are modular and can be expanded easily. By combining two complementary power sources, wind and sun, hybrids can provide a high availability of electrical supply without need for a back-up engine generator. These small hybrid systems are easy to ship and very easy to install. They do not require special tools or concrete. The wind turbine and tower is assembled on the ground and tilted-up using a hand winch.