Starts from 1978

Our story begins in 1978 the firm was established and started a business, The ups and downs, the struggle and failures, the losses, and eventually, the gains. Starting a Business is not at all a fairytale. But it sure is worth while. We start with a dream, a goal, or a passion for whatever service or product we plan to sell or create. In early years we started with trading of “Steel & Iron” as the time changes we had expand our expertise to manufacturing Weighing equipment’s , Automation and Renewable energy systems. In 1999 installed our first Solar Solution. 

Today we are providing Weighing ,Automation ,Solar solutions and consultancy services to many well known industries and companies within country and outside Pakistan.

Dedicated to providing easy-to-use, cost-effective industrial solutions. Our job is to make your job easier by employing state-of-the-art technology. 

In Business

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Over 40+ years in business providing clients solutions to there industrial requirements

Our Work

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More than 500+ large and small projects are completed. It is an attempt to work with effort and passion


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The team of more than 25 engineers and leading experts brings different strengths to a Company.

We are working in Pakistan, Middle East ,Central Asia and  Africa 

Why we’re different

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand the need for space which gives your business room to breathe and grow.